What do you get when you take classic show-biz adage, updated with a 90’s twist by 5 musicians intent on giving modern showmanship & old fashioned musicianship? That’s a formula that can only equal billing.

Let ‘em see a concert where energy & enthusiasm generates its own fireworks. Let ‘em hear songs characterized by emotionally-charged peaks, valleys, freezes & thaws. Let’em get a taste of the Wild Boyz!


True talent often shows itself in bands that don't take forever in the studio and during a time when long hair flowed and stage performances rocked the Sunset Strip, the Wild Boyz helped define an era and are a prime example of how quickly a good band can perform with grace under pressure. If you were looking for an accessible group full of no gimmick rock 'n roll the Wild Boyz not only had the cards, they had the full deck. Anyone that would have judged them before seeing them live would be making a mistake.


There is the idea that nobody gets anything for free, that we all pay the cost of success, favor and satisfaction. It's called the risk factor. While bands like Poison & Warrant were topping the charts and taking over the airwaves, there remained a harder, lesser-known but ever-increasing force on the streets that was growing fast and getting ready to cause a commotion from coast to coast. They were honest, driven and placed their attitude in their work. They left a following with appetites that had to be appeased...despite their lack of a label contract for a time and it didn't take long for these 5 guys to break down the barriers of those who came in to tap their feet with their arms crossed. Confidence was key and they had it in abundance.


So, before you let out another sigh of "street rock" boredom, you must be forewarned. The Wild Boyz were not "street rock" as we know it, softened by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or strategically photographed. Instead, they were an eye to eye in your face kind of band that played a substantial part of a large movement that spearheaded the record industry and helped define the early 90's as we know it.


It is in appreciation of their efforts, friendship and personal achievements that this site is dedicated to 5 very special men. K.Lee Lauren(Drums & Keyboard), Willie D.(Lead Vocals), Joey Wylde(Bassist & Vocals), Valentino(Guitar & Vocals) & Matt Steavanz(Guitar & Vocals)…..otherwise known as the:




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